Scrum Training Review (STR) is dedicated to helping prospective students identify training companies that have a verifiable track record of success. STR is an independently operated site that assists member companies in offering training so that prospective purchasers of that training can independently verify training quality.

STR works by collecting hand written reviews from attendees and posting them online line in a readily accessible format. Hand written reviews are like signatures and member companies are encouraged to collect a large number of reviews so that training can be verified by prospective students.  The more current reviews collected, the more qualified and confident perspective purchasers will be of training choices offered by member companies.

Anyone who has been through training recognizes that the best results are those that are collected right after the training course is finished. Students who provide reviews right after training has completed are more likely to complete a review and the information in the review is more relevant.  A large collection of handwritten reviews becomes something that is difficult to obtain thus forms a backbone through quality training can be verified. Each member company is encouraged to maintain a social profile so that member companies can be further verified through social signals. STR offers a combined view that is unique and neutrally positioned. STR to help great training companies get Found, Noticed and Verified.

Quality training with a verified track record