Review: August 8, 2018

Very Informative Class

Great class, very informative

Review: June 28, 2018

Found Course Really Helpful

As an inexperienced member of a Scrum Team, this is practicing Scrum, I found this course really helpful in providing me the foundation needed to further grow into a Product Ownership (Product Champion) role. I've been able to spot changes that I will be able to recommend to the team.

Review: June 28, 2018

Good Class For Basics

Great class for someone wanting to know the basics of Product Owner role. Could be more geared specifically to IT field.

Review: June 28, 2018

Lots Of Knowledge Shared

Lots of knowledge/information shared.
Examples relatable - house/kitchen refurbish/silly sagas
Great discussions when answering questions/bringing it home for students

Review: June 28, 2018

Appreciated Practical Examples

Appreciated hearing about instructor's philosophy of Scrum, history, and practical examples.

Review: June 28, 2018

Real World Examples Helped Understand

As a PO [Product Owner] who is very new to the role and to Scrum, I thought the use of real world tangible examples helped to make the concepts easier to understand and digest.

Review: June 28, 2018

Good Class, Well Organized

Good class overall, topics were well organized and the class was very interactive with team building exercises.

Review: June 28, 2018

Course Covered A Wide Variety

The course covered a wide-variety of topics - some in more depth than others. Dan is clearly extremely knowledgeable and competent and he mastered (written) much of the course material. I think the class could be improved with a better balance of "lecture", skill-building, and addressing class specific needs. Reduce time spend on early class exercises (day 1 am example not very useful)

Review: June 28, 2018

Informational, Will Take As Much As Possible

Informational but may be difficult to implement within my organization. I will take as much as possible in the short time.

Review: June 28, 2018

Good Course

Good course, not as PO [Product Owner] oriented as I expected.